Cite de la Santé (City of Health) mission is to improve the health of communities nationally by providing access to education, jobs, and preventive quality health services.
It is founded by a group of young physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health professionals, and entrepreneurs who have worked with diverse groups of age and in different settings whether at schools, hospitals, clinics, and in the field to educate and deliver information to the public to help them improve their health.
CDS Women is a new project, and it will be a grassroots community organization dedicated to empowering immigrant women through educational attainment, jobs, and access to preventive health care services.
CDS Women is dedicated to deliver sensitive, compassionate services and to commit to the preservation of human dignity while complying with ethical and legal guidelines


The opening of a daycare facility to provide a safe and secure environment with quality caregivers, so that women are free and with peace of mind to work or go to school to become economically independent. This initiative will create stronger families where the basics needs are taken care of.


Women will be surrounded by professionals to guide them toward an education goal. Help them register for classes, choose a college, apply for a grant.
CDS Women is dedicated to empowering these women with new knowledge to achieve their dreams.


CDS Women want to build a healthier women generation not only physically, but also mentally, and economically. Our counseling system is built to provide them with the necessary support they may need to become strong and have the opportunity they deserve to have.


Opening labor market opportunities for women is at the core of CDS Women's mission. We are committed to support women in the job application process and search to help them find the right placement.


Our professional support is here to assess the clients toward a career choice reflecting their basic talents, values, and motives. Starting a new career takes courage and strength, and we are here to help our clients make the right choice.


“Prevention is better than treatment.” CDS Women will guide the clients toward various prevention services to help them stay healthy. Health education sessions will also be conducted regularly to provide them with health tips.