Eighty percent of households have inadequate access to health care, and 41% of the population has no access to health care services. Less than half of all children have received complete immunization.


The pharmacy will have a separate detailed plan design by inside expert, work in respect of all sterilization standards and that we can produce all the basics drugs relevant to serve the population. Our pharmacy will comply with current U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) 797 sterile compounding regulations.


CDS would conduct knowledge sharing sessions with doctors in other facilities in the area to facilitate leverage of the collective knowledge in the group. Along with intershiph program, and international fellowship, to extend the reach of knowledge and follow the new technology pace 


Each specialty would have a super-specialist at the level of a senior consultant. Our goal is to have a total of 200 doctors in all specialties and grades affiliated to the hospital; each department will have a medical director responsible for the supervision of the staff and well functioning of his/her department


The planning, design and construction phase is one of the most important steps in setting up a super-specialty hospital. This phase lays the basis for an operationally efficient hospital capable of serving patients most optimally. and capable of facing the natural event that could occur during the life time of the facility


To implement this facilities my affect the natural environment, since the country is agriculturally oriented. It is crucial to assess the impact on surrounding. This project will generate a local shift at different level. This is why it is crucial to a long term projection of the future development and implication for the population  


The emergency facility will be a 50 beds observation room, fully equipped with resuscitation equipment,, etc. provides acute care to the admitted patients. Patients will be seen by a family practice physician who will diagnose the case, and decide whether to refer him/her for hospitalization or not.


We can anticipate a wave effect during construction, and after in the area. This project will generate a great influx in the size of the population, and local accommodation will be very important, and a main factor in the process  


The execution of this project will cost 90 Millions  dollars. And also It would be impossible to make any projection of revenue that would take into account the capacity of more than 90% of the population living locally to pay the cost of the health services provided. In other to prevent any economic rebound and to be functional all the time, we have identified four (4) other possible sources of revenue


The hospital would be equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical facilities to provide best in class treatment to the local community. The plan will be distributed as follow:
- Internal medicine services (Nephrology, Dialysis program, Cardiology, Gastroenterology