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Cite de la Sante (CDS) will be a premier public health project in the South of Haiti, that will aim not only to treat the population of the targeted area at first but also the whole country when the project is completed.

The venture will reconcile a design of a hospital concept and health education support, with different pavilions providing all four primary medical services (OBGYN, Pediatry, Internal Medicine, Surgery) included all the sub-specialties, implementing a diagnostic Lab, blood bank.

Diagnostic Imaging Center, etc. Our goal is not only to deliver a treatment of quality but also to put in place a prevention program consisting of health education/behavioral health that will allow the population to avert certain diseases or complications related to existing illnesses. We intend to have a series of ambulances, which will work as mobile clinics serving the outreach areas.

The goal of CDS Women is to build a healthier women generation not only physically, but also mentally, and economically. Our counseling system is built to provide them with the necessary support they may need to become strong and have the opportunity they deserve to have.

Create a structure where women will be surrounded by a variety of professionals to guide them toward an education goal, whether to help them register for classes, choose a good college, apply for a grant.

CDS Women is dedicated to empowering those women with new knowledge to pursue and achieve their dreams

A project built to support young kids.

Swimming, fashion.