- Hospital Closing for lack of supplies (Gloves, Masks, PPE)
- People dying for the absence of care and denial of the illness
- Healthcare Professional left powerless in their abilities to take care of their patients
And we haven't begun to see anything yet,
Our health system is weak, our situation is delicate, but with your help, we can get back on our feet. With your support, we can lay down the foundation of a better and more stable future for our nation. More than money, your gesture will help us carry hope, open the path for a better future.
More than 10 Million people, vulnerable, beat up by nature. We want to look at them. With your donation, our team in Cite de la Sante Inc will work to strengthen the health system and the correlated services as much as we can.
Today April 4th, 2020, we have, through our campaign to educate the Haitian people, reached more 130000 people, but we have so much more to do.
We need your help and support to bring relief to an entire nation facing alone the biggest tragedy of our lifetime.
With your support and donation moving forward
- Supply different medical facilities with the proper equipment, allowing healthcare professionals to work, and mitigating the risk of getting infected themselves.
- Providing testing capacity to state officials (Test kits, Test Location)
- Enforcing the education and awareness program against the COVID-19
- Provide necessities to the people most in need.
But most and foremost, showing the Haitian people, they are not alone in that time of great despair.