"Our mission is to improve health in our services areas and support the health system nationally and internationally.
Gradually providing, safe, cost-effective and Quality Healthcare Services"

Dr Sabine Silien Charles, MD, DrPH

We are engaged in the construction of healthcare facilities particularly in rural areas and
to empower people to make healthy decisions about their lives.
Cité de la Santé, Inc. is a Public Health initiative created in response to the existence of health disparities between people living in urban and rural areas in developing countries in terms of access to quality healthcare services and health promotion programs. Our objectives include improving access to health care, providing health education and family support,
and raising awareness of healthy behaviors within the targeted populations.
Cité de la Santé, Inc. is a 501 (c)3
Organization, founded in 2016.


CDS Women is a new project, it will be a grassroots community organization dedicated to empowering immigrant women through educational attainment, jobs, and access to preventive health care services. 


 Providing testing capacity to state officials
(Test kit, Test Location, etc) Enforcing the education and awareness program against the COVID-19
Provide necessities to the people most in need.


Cite de la Sante (CDS) will be a premier public health project in the South of Haiti, that will aim not only to treat the population of the targeted area at first but also the whole country when the project is completed.